The Basic Laws of Life
    The Law of ATTRACTION                The Law of REQUEST
    The Law of RESISTANCE             The Law of REFLECTION
    The Law of PROJECTION              The Law of ATTACHMENT
The Laws of Creation
    The Law of ATTENTIO              The Law of FLOW
    The Law of ABUNDANCE           The Law of CLARITY
    The Law of INTENTION                The Law of PROSPERITY
    The Law of MANIFESTATION          The Law of SUCCESS
The Laws of Higher Awareness
    The Law of BALANCE and POLARITY     The Law of KARMA
    The Law of REINCARNATION          The Law of RESPONSIBILITY
    The Law of DISCRIMINATION        The Law of AFFIRMATION 
        The Law of PRAYER       The Law of MEDITATION
    The Law of CHALLENGE
The Laws of Higher Frequency  
    The Law of FREQUENCY or VIBRATION     The Law of MIRACLES
    The Law of HEALING                  The Laws of PURIFICATION
    The Law of PERSPECTIVE         The Law of GRATITUDE
    The Law of BLESSINGS                The Law of DECREE
    The Law of FAITH        The Law of GRACE        The Law of ONE

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  1. thank you Joanne No-one has as far as I know ever spoken about all these Laws, not even the ones that try to get you to pay for something and it will bring you your dreams. The Law of Attraction never told me about these you and wonderful Joanne thank you xxx